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Monday, October 6, 2008

Planning Board Agenda Impacts DeFreestville

It's another over crowded Planning Board agenda tonight beginning at 6:30 PM which could last long into the evening. Several residents expressed concern over the agenda and in particular the high density town house proposals on Winter Street which would cram nearly 200 residences into two projects just a quarter mile apart and separated by Westview Estates. That's the old Armenian Federation grounds project with high end homes that goes up the steep hill.

For the town to permit such high density construction in an area that contains single family homes built on much larger lots fails to protect the character of the exiting neighborhoods. We can only imagine the impact these two projects as conceived would have on traffic, school enrollment and capacity as well as the added need for town services, highway, police, fire etc.

But until the Comprehensive Plan is adopted and the density laws revised to protect existing neighborhoods, proposals like these can continue to be approved regardless of the impact they would have on existing neighborhoods.

No more than six Planning Board members will be present this evening and as always four votes are needed for passage of any proposal.

Projects impacting DeFreestville on agenda:
1) Quackenderry Commons Apartments –entrances off California Avenue and Washington Ave. Extension (near power lines) -- behind Randall Automotive and Lyons Funeral Home: Presentation, site plan review, sketch acceptance and setting of public hearing.
Concerns: Too many units, inadequate location for secondary egress (original plan called for Florida Avenue – may have moved it to California Ave., too tall (4 or 5 stories).

2) Quackenderry Commons – request for restaurant and pharmacy at Route 4 & Bloomingrove – across from former Agway store.

3) Birchwood Hills – proposed major subdivision – 59 acres - off of Winter Street Extension at North Road

4) Winterstreet Partners – 75 town homes condominiums 261 Winter Street Extension near North Road

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone read the news? With the economy in the balance and the financial district on the verge of crashing, the planning board would be wise to approve nothing so that we don't end up with vacant buildings.