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Friday, October 3, 2008

"Googling" North Greenbush

A reader let us know that this blog makes the first page of a Google search of North Greenbush. In fact it is the only blog which is referenced by the Google Search engine for "North Greenbush"in the first several pages of references.

The same is also true for the search engine of Google's main competitor Yahoo. Again this blog is referenced on the cover page of the search and like Google, in the top five or six sites. We took a little time to check it out for ourselves and it's true. In fact, this publication is referenced repeatedly before another blog, the Greenbush Party, gets a hit. The Greenbush Party blog which is still running made the list several pages in and the long defunct United North Greenbush received a single reference. No other blog makes it.

If you're not found on Google when you search North Greenbush, you may as well buy yourself a battery powered bullhorn. You might get noticed and maybe even earn a ticket for disturbing the peace!

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