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Friday, July 18, 2008

Metroland's "Best of" Finds North Greenbush

North Greenbush found a way to become part of Metroland's annual "Best of " edition. The way the town board operates, we sure weren't a candidate for "Best Run Town" or "Most Competent Officials". In fact after a read of the State Comptroller's report and audit on Water District 14, we are probably lucky not to have been named "Most Corrupt" or "Most Incompetent" among local governments.

So here is the entry for North Greenbush as printed in yesterday's edition with photo credit to another North Greenbush resident, photographer Shannon DeCelle.

Best Political Irritant
Charlie (CB) Smith
North Greenbush
"What drives CB Smith to work so hard at being so loathed by so many of his political rivals? It’s simple: He believes in what he says, and he believes in saying it. Whether he is right or wrong, tactful or not, that’s for you to decide. But we think the guy is tops. We only wish more of you were as feisty as him. "

Late Again Mr. Spain!
It seems Democratic Chairman Jeff Spain and his Treasurer Kyran Devery just can't get their financial house in order. After more than a year of failing to file a single financial disclosure report for their Committee of Republican sympathisers, they are again late in filing the committee disclosure report due July 15th. Their counterparts on the Democratic side, the North Greenbush Democrats Club, did file a report and show a healthy balance of more than $5,000 on hand.


Anonymous said...

It sounds Like CB has struck a sore spot in the Vincit website and their band of marionettes. Be proud of that title Young Man- with all the things you had to withstand to get it- wear it proudly. You earned it

Anonymous said...