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Monday, July 21, 2008

Our New “Plumber’s Squad”

The town offices have been abuzz lately over the unauthorized entry into the Comptroller’s office by the town’s Assessor, John Harkin. Multiple sources confirm that Harkin let himself into the Comptroller’s inner office recently where he began to rummage through files and drawers in search of undisclosed records. We were told this escapade was initiated at the request of Town Clerk Kathryn Connolly who was apparently upset over old records which were being tagged for destruction by the Comptroller’s office.

The story we hear is that Connolly called good buddy Harkin and told him to enter the Comptroller’s Office to see what was being tagged for destruction. Harkin, unwisely obeyed and entered the office while the Comptroller was not present. Shortly thereafter, one of the town employees called the Comptroller to advise him as to what was going on. He then called his own office and invited Harkin to leave immediately.

This is a wild escapade for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that there are sensitive records with confidential information, social security numbers, etc stored in this office. Neither Harkin or anyone other than the Comptroller’s staff has authority to access these records. We are not saying that such records were accessed, however, the town Assessor had absolutely no right to enter this or anyone else’s office without the permission of the official whose office is entered.

What was the Town Clerk thinking when she told Harkin to enter the Comptroller’s Office and equally bewildering, what was the Assessor thinking when he did it???

Both of these officials should receive admonishment from the Town Board for this and it certainly should be part of the discussion of a future Board meeting. In the mean time, padlock those doors and files folks! North Greenbush has a new “Plumber’s Squad” and they don’t fix leaks, they cause ‘em!

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Anonymous said...

Why would anyone be surprised by what Ms. Connolly does? Isn't she really the Comptroller, the Assessor, the Supervisor and everything else in this town? She constantly interferes with everyone's job. Too bad she doesn't do her own.