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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shortest Congressional Campaign On Record

Well, yesterday we reported exclusively that North Greenbush Resident and politico Tom Connolly was trying to gum up Congress by running in the Syracuse NY area's 25th Congressional District.

Today we sadly report that Mr. Connolly's campaign has come to an end as he issued a formal declination to the State Board of Elections. What will all those Dinosaur Bar-B-Que fans in the Syracuse NY area have to talk about at the bar now that Mr. Connolly has withdrawn from the race as the Independence Party's standard bearer?

We extend to them our sincere sympathies. Saranac will not taste the same nor will if offer as lively a conversation piece as a Congressional race with Rensselaer County's own Tom Connolly at the helm as a candidate.

Better luck next time Syracuse and the fightin' 25th CD!

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