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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sign of the Times

If your street wasn't paved this year, don't worry, Lou Desso spent enough on this electronic monster and cement to pave a couple of town roads! Without FOILING the records, sources estimate it to be near $70,000. Yep, Lou managed to get the concrete pour to a relative, hey what is family for if you can't get your kid a job in the county or one for yourself by changing the requirements of a couple of college degrees? So what's a big concrete pour after two county jobs and a whopping 16% property tax assessment reduction for your home, right?

Anyway the town's new "Green Monster"could serve a purpose. Imagine if it let you know when Lou was in town hall in his newly refurbished office! It could flash the words "Dr. Desso is in" and all of us could note the times and days so they could be compared with his county Time and Attendance Records along with the official Payroll Certification in which one of his Supervisors must affirm under penalty of perjury that Lou was actually working during the hours he lists on his time sheets.

Lou has been spending a lot of time in Town Hall hall and thanks to some prying eyes we have a good record of the dates and times which will soon be compared to the next round of payroll records being FOILED from Rensselaer County where Lou collects $81,000 plus a year in what was a professional job requiring both a Bachelor's and Master's Degree.

Yep, connections count almost as much as the cost of that sign! For certain folks are noticing like the owner of the Highway Recreation just down the street.  He has a sign but he knows what it's like to work for a living and earn your dollars. Take a look for yourself at the sign in front of his business. Frankly, we like this one a whole lot more than the Green Monster!

Editor's note: It's ironic that the Green Monster in front of town hall shows how shoddy the building is next to the new sign. You'd have to agree that the  Highway Recreation building always looks great and inviting.


Anonymous said...

Good news Highway Recreation! You can afford a big Obnoxious sign just like the "Green Monster" at Town Hall. You forgot you already own one thanks to your tax dollars. You probably own a greater share of the sign than Lou Desso because you didn't get your property assessment lowered by 16% (1897.00 a year) by sneaking over to Brunswick to have it lowered by political allies. Bowl early, bowl often especially in the town election next year!

Anonymous said...

Get ready for a visit from Lou at the bowling alley. He'll be pissed and demand you take down the sign.

Interested Party said...

While you're Foiling stuff- see how much time our esteemed Clerk is spending in her office- part time hours for full time pay- where do I sign up? :)