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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Desso's Sewer Agenda For Friendship Acres

Lou Desso is wasting no time as he pushes the buttons to get sewers in his neighborhood without letting folks know what's driving his desire. After grabbing an extra $1897 a year in property tax reductions for himself, he's able to pay what would likely be an enormous yearly bill to build sewers in his neighborhood. And what's driving his desire to dig up the neighborhood?  He wants to subdivide his property to permit his son to build a house in the spring. He can't do that legally as long as there are no sewers and so he's going  to try to get enough people to sign on and help him pay the bills that would allow him to subdivide his land.

Desso held his cards close to his vest at the Town Board meeting held tonight which was filled with residents from his neighborhood both for and against what is likely a highly unaffordable project. But if he gets 51% of the identified benefit units, the total number of homes to be included in his sewer district, he'll likely get the town board to pass a local law to create the sewer district that is subject to a permissive referendum that most people will not understand.

He will likely pass the local law in the dead of winter to make it more difficult for anyone opposing it and trying to get the needed signatures on a petition to permit a vote by all of the district's residents. Without a petition with sufficient signatures filed within 30 days of the local laws passage, it becomes law with no public vote. The Lou Desso can award the contracts, tear up the neighborhood and subdivide his property.
And the best part, he has already insulated himself from the cost by grabbing a huge and unjustified tax reduction on his home thanks to his friends in Brunswick who approved it.

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Interested Party said...

Thanks, Daddy for wiring me in to the non-compete BS job in the County and now for building me a new house right next you you and Mom while the neighbors pay for our sewer...you're the best :)