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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tom Connolly Getting the Attention He Deserves

North Greenbush resident Tom Connolly is getting a closer look from the media with today's embarrassing expose in the NY Post which you can read here.

Just think folks, his granting to every GOP candidate in N. Greenbush and Rensselaer County, an endorsement, is often the deciding factor at the polls where Dems are forced to run with one lone while the GOP enjoys 4.

We can only imaging how our soon to be town judge feels being covered with Connolly's endorsement after a tie due to 8 GOP carried absentee ballots which allowed Connolly himself to grant her the party's line for the November election.

We have documented Connolly's escapades in this blog repeatedly and you are welcome to do a search on the site to read his colorful history of falsifying his Troy job application to get a job without a required 4 year degree to his theft of pictures from city hall after he got the job.

Today he's collecting your tax dollars with an $81,000 job on the GOP State Senate payroll where his signature gives GOP candidates a line on the ballot they do not deserve.

So just think, it all began here, his career in dirty politics and he's our town's claim to fame and the claim of each and every elected Republican on the Town Board and town offices.

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