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Friday, December 6, 2013

Connolly Story Grows With Call for Investigation

Looks like sleepless nights ahead for State Senate employee and Independence Party Operative, Tom Connolly with a call for a long overdue investigation into his activities using his position in the State Independence Party to curry favor with the GOP. You can read the latest AP wire story by Kyle Hughes.

The investigation is being called for by Dick Dadey, the respected executive director of Citizens Union and his echoed by the Pipeline. This call for action will get the attention of prosecutors, perhaps even the US Attorney, who has the resources to thoroughly examine the activities of Connolly's handling of campaign funds.

The article states "Prosecutors should review Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Moreland Commission finding that Senate Republicans improperly gave campaign funds to the Independence Party through Rensselaer County vice chair Thomas Connolly,"  It causes us to ask questions as to whether Connolly himself personally benefited from these funds? Each time we see something like this we properly ask what does he get out of it.  Take his recent actions in Troy and North Greenbush.  Connolly met with Rensselaer County Legislative operative Richard Crist and agreed to give a liberal Democrat on the Troy City Council a Wilson Pakula waiver for the Independence Primary. Aside from the reasons a GOP operative on the County Legislature would ask for it, why would Connolly agree to such a request to assist an opposition party candidate?  As for North Greenbush, we wonder what if any deal occurred to grant the GOP Town Justice candidate the Ind Party line after a tie primary vote allowed Connolly to decide the winner in his party leader capacity. Did he personally benefit from these actions?

We wonder if those on the North Greenbush Town Board who gleefully accepted his endorsements will stand up and echo the calls for an investigation.  Don't hold your breath as Al Spain, Lou Desso and their band of merry men on the 5-0 Connolly endorsed town board are sure to follow the example of the ostrich and hide their heads in the sand when it comes to Connolly.

Connolly's escapade with the GOP State Senate made No. 8 on Wednesday on Citizens Union “Top Ten List of Surprising and Shocking Findings from Moreland Commission Report,”.

We think some of his stuff locally is even more shocking, especially his mindless gift of a stolen bicentennial print from his then employer,  the city of Troy to, who else, a sitting District Attorney! Now who could be that dumb!

Here's a link to that episode and so many others documented here on his hometown blog, the North Greenbush Pipeline. In the meantime, a couple of sedatives may help calm those sleepless nights ahead.

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