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Friday, December 21, 2012

Desso Seeks Bigger Public Paycheck

North Greenbush Town Board Meeting May 10, 2012

What can you do when you're pushing 60 and getting two public payrolls is not enough for a big pension? Why get a bigger public paycheck, of course!

That's what we hear County Legislator/Town Councilman Lou Desso is about to do. We hear Lou will resign from the Legislature to take an appointment as Deputy Commissioner of Mental Health for Rensselaer County. Qualifications you ask??? We won't go there!

Apparently Lou did some calculations and decided he could retire from his private sector job and start a public sector job with a hefty salary increase to boost his goal of getting a State pension. Now instead of reporting two part time jobs to the State Retirement System at 30 hours a week each, Lou will report one full and one part time job at 70 hours a week and with a higher salary, he'll earn a bigger pension.

You might recall the controversy over Lou's reporting of time on the two part time elective jobs he holds while working his full time private sector job. You can read our post on this issue here. It had to be affecting his "mental heath" because he was left with only 20 hours a week during a 5 day work week to sleep!

We guess all the sleepless nights provided him "on the job training" for a mental health position. When the change takes place, Lou will be able to to get an extra 30 hours a week for sleep and other activities.

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