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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Politics Enters the Court Room Again

First it was the unlawful appointments of two non resident deputy town attorneys who had to have a special law passed before they could be appointed a second and third time legally to their jobs. Now it's a town justice and two Secretaries neither requested in the budget and likely not even known to the current and former judge. These appointees are about to take center stage at tonight's so called "workshop" meeting of the town board as the latest example of inserting partisan politics into the courts.

Of course the board made a big deal about getting workshops back to non acting discussion type meetings earlier this year but that is going out the door at the very first workshop meeting given the resolutions on the agenda.

But what should really make folks take notice is the secrecy in which the whole appointment process took place. Even the agenda fails to name the nominee to the position or tho two secretaries.

Our sources indicate that the board political choice is none other than the sister of the head of the Building Department. More on this tomorrow.

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