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Monday, December 19, 2011

The King and "I"

In what can only be described as a contemptuous disrespect for the law and the outgoing Supervisor as well as a sign of what is to come, Lou Desso and his obedient servant, Supervisor Elect Al Spain, refused to attend a duly called special meeting of the town board pursuant to Town Law. The meeting was scheduled for Tuesday December 19th.

No it wasn't that they had some kind of conflict or excused absence, it was more of a case of thumbing their nose at the Supervisor and the laws they are sworn to uphold as board members.

Both gentlemen were standing in a side corridor at the entrance to the Comptroller's Office at 5PM, the time of the meeting. Rather than obey the law and take the 60 paces down the hallway to attend the meeting and provide the needed quorum, they elected to sneak out of the building leaving the Supervisor with not one board member to attend the meeting.

Now we can't imagine what was on the agenda that caused these two characters to act like a couple of kids unaware of the need to accept responsibilities conveyed on them, but it sure wasn't the solo agenda item, the ratification of a CSEA contract all had no issues with a before the meeting was called.

A series of emails initiated by Lou Desso, or as he should be known, King Louie the First of North Greenbush, may hold the key to mischievous action. Suddenly Lou needed more time to consider things in the contract that his buddy Councilman Bott had helped negotiate. Perhaps Lou just can't handle the demands of two elective offices and need to make a tough choice or maybe he is just plain arrogant.

But Al Spain knows better and we would just love to hear his excuse. Hey folks, we get exactly the kind of government we deserve so hold on to your hats. It will be a long two years!

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