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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Signs of Desparation

You may have noticed an unusual here again, gone again presence of campaign signs at two gas stations on Main Avenue. The signs associated with Smith,Kern and the rest of the slate on Row A were first placed at these stations.

But Lou Desso apparently couldn't handle the thought of his adversaries being embraced by this local business professional. So he began his campaign of harassment with daily visits to the station across from Highway Recreation. He insisted his signs be placed next to those of is opponents and each day, his signs came down to rest on the ground and Desso thought that it was his opponents doing it.

Yesterday Desso went into the Citgo station near CVS. Again he complianed that the four signs of his opponents were being displayed. The owner, had enough of the harassment and has taken all signs down from all the stations. What Desso didn't realize is that his actions and acts of intimidation have been spread all over the customer base. He did more damage to himself by his behavior than his adversaries could have done in a month's worth of essays on his record.

Most people with any sense of social civility would never ask someone displaying a sign for an opposing candidate to also display their sign. Most candidates would not want to display their sign next to an opponent and would prefer to keep the team together in sign placement to distinguish one side from the other. But Desso is not a team player. He went out last Sunday night an took care of himself with sign placement and left his running mates to fend for themselves.
Stay tuned for part two of the Main Avenue sign saga. Remember when you see the signs shift, that Desso is intimidating the people he needs to win and they resent it. Worse, they talk to friends, neighbors and customers and the talk is none too pretty. So go get 'em Lou, show 'em who's boss!

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