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Friday, October 14, 2011

The Financial Miracle

Hours before tonight's politically spun Town Board meeting, candidate Al Spain was issuing a press release slamming the Supervisor for her budget comments. Three hours before the meeting began, this article was on the Times Union web site.

When the meeting began, the misinformed Spain attacked the Supervisor for her "press release" to the Times Union which of course she never issued. She had been called by the paper and gave a one sentence comment in response to a reporter's question. Spain eventually apologized for his mistake and the meeting continued. Nonetheless, the Supervisor made it clear that a new set of numbers presented at the meeting were not shared with her by the other board members, something that is routine for this crew which has treated her office like an empty chair.

The new numbers presented turned the deficit into a surplus just in time for the election. So much money in fact, that they couldn't wait to try and correct their failure to buy a replacement police car for the past three years and promise to restore some of the highway funds taken to fund their other spending in town hall. Just a coincidence that this financial miracle happens weeks away from the election which is why the public rightfully will remain skeptical of the new claims.

Mr. Spain received a few critical comments from a town resident about his vote against a chip fab plant some 10 years ago. The resident also unfortunately made some unflattering remarks about Comptroller Tony Germano which were over the top. Tony is a smart and capable guy regardless of what some folks may try to hold against him.

In the end, the board was dancing to the campaign being waged all around them for using highway PILOT funds to pay for their spending in the General Fund, not providing funds for replacement police cars for the past three years and a host of issues for which they have only their record to hide from.

Expect the worst from the board members who are running as we enter the stretch to the election. While there has been an absence of negative campaigning so far, desperation may change the tone used by the candidates in the days ahead.


Anonymous said...

"absense of negative champaigning so far"...Unlike this whole bolg and everything written by the authors in the advertiser that makes it almost embarrassing to live in NG. Really??

Anonymous said...

I think the financial miracle is a little off base. I post did a little more research they would learn that the town saved a significant amount on their health care cost from what was budgeted. Those savings freed up a significant portion of the miracle capital at the last minute and is nothing more than a coincidence with really good timing.