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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hitting it on The Head

If you need a look down memory lane at the efforts of Lou Desso to make your vote meaningless, read this letter in today's Record which details his removal from the the town board by a State Court and the process his friends, including Al Spain, followed to put him back in a second conflicting elective office.

When Mr. Spain attempted to accomplish the same feat of denying voters a choice, he was forced to try a different route called a Primary Election. Here voters really had a an opportunity to vote, all day, without the pressures that can be applied in a caucus vote.

It's not the first time Mr. Desso tried to manipulate the voting process. Those of you following the voter fraud scandal in Troy would think it trivial if you read the facts concerning Mr. Desso's efforts in North Greenbush town elections in 2005. Desso and company personally handled over one hundred absentee ballot requests. When the minor party machine votes were counted, his opponents had the winning margin. But after more than 120 absentees, challenged in court because these folks were home and not away as their applications had stated, every single ballot was straight Republican for Desso and his running mates, giving Desso and company a minor party sweep.

Incredibly, more people voted absentee that day than at the polls! That made Primary Day, Absentee Day in North Greenbush. When you think about the number of ballots involved, it kind of makes that scandal in Troy insignificant compared to what happened here in our town.

Maybe Mr. Desso could discuss this matter and his role in the collection of the applications and ballots in a debate. Wouldn't that be interesting, a kind of education session for the Special District Attorney Trey Smith.

Here's a link to the Troy Record letter. And here's a link to the background of The Great North Greenbush Ballot Scam of 2005. This includes a link to CH 13's story and interview with Lou Desso who must have been roaring behind his straight face and words of condemnation, especially when you read the affidavit of his then adversary Mark Evers.

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