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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Desso Interviewed About Voter Fraud!

You have to hear it to believe. The King of the Absentee Ballot scam of 2005 in North Greenbush piously condemning the voter fraud case in Troy. Just click the picture to see the report on CH-13.

Lou must have forgot about all those voters he and his then running mates duped into stating they were out of town on sworn applications when they were never intending to be out of town. He must of forgot that more than 120 ballots were challenged in court and that 100% of them, when opened just happened to be for Lou Desso and his team. What are the odds Lou!

Lou also must have forgot the sworn affidavits detailing all those voters being home that day instead of out of town as Lou and company suggested they put on their applications. When he was talking to CH 13's fine reporter, Kumi Tucker, he must have forgot that because of his efforts, more people voted absentee in North Greenbush than on the machines in person! Yep, Primary Day was turned into Absentee Day for the GOP in good ol' North Greenbush!

Here's a little refresher course for Lou. The sworn affidavit of then candidate for Supervisor Mark Evers who was opposing Desso's running mate Bob Ashe.
Evers Affidavit

You gotta love Lou's statement on camera, especially in light of his role in the 2005 absentee ballot scam. "People put their faith in their public officials and put their trust in their public officials. This is the kind of behavior that really gives the electoral process a bad name. And if you can't trust that your elections are being held fairly, how can you trust that your public officials are doing the right things as well?"

Well said Lou and we hope they see no reason to put any faith in you when they look back to the 2005 primaries and your role in obtaining and soliciting so many questionable absentee ballots. Perhaps you would consider calling the Special Prosecutor, Trey Smith, and tell him how you and your colleagues turned Primary Day into Absentee Day in North Greenbush back in 2005.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for FINALLY revealing the catastrophe that was that election. I was harassed by numerous Republican committee members and running mates to involve myself in the scandal. How many absentee ballots were turned in by me? People kept telling me- Move On- Old News. Thank you for restoring my faith that what goes around- finally does come around. So I believe KA,CR, and JW and running mates owe me an apology Now we know what type of people we are dealing with.