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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Spain's Appeal A Real Joke

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This letter from the two Rensselaer City Court Judges to the Rensselaer County Court which hears appeals of City Court civil cases exposes the Spain defense strategy as a complete waste of the court's time. It also demonstrates his efforts to evade paying the more than $3,000 of Democratic Party funds he improperly gave away after he lost control of the Democratic Committee.

As the Spain family and their ally Town Clerk Connolly circulate a Democratic Party Designating Petition so that Al Spain and Kathryn Connolly can try to grab the Democratic nomination for Supervisor and Clerk in addition to their endorsements by the Republican, Independence and Conservative Partys.

For the Spain family to try and sell themselves as Democrats is like Mitt Romney trying to figure out his position on health insurance. Good luck with that gang! So far the Jeff Spain case has seen his employer, Power Tech Hydraulics in Kingston, try to avoid service by the Ulster County Sheriff only to force the Sheriff to send a Deputy. Their failure to respond to that garnishment order resulted in a "demand letter" issued to the employer which if not complied with, will lead to penalties against the employer. Let's hope they comply before the sheriff padlocks the business door!

While this drama continues, another unfolds as we have Al Spain here in North Greenbush trying to grab the Democratic Party nomination for Town Supervisor while he supports brother Jeff's efforts to circumvent the Court's decision and order that brother Jeff pay back the Democratic Committee the thousands of dollars he improperly disbursed, crippling the party treasury, leaving it with .45 cents.

Al even supported brother Jeff by arranging a town job for a lawyer who defends brother Jeff for free in the civil proceeding brought by the Democratic Committee. An Ethics Complaint filed against Al Spain for this apparent quid pro quo goes unresolved because the Spain appointed Ethics Board has not met even once in the 18 months since it was appointed. They even do nothing about correspondence to that Ethics Board being returned to the sender and never forwarded to the board for review.

Yep, Al Spain wants to be Town Supervisor. Now the GOP has no problem with Al's ethics or the Spain clan's fight with the Democratic Committee. In fact, on Ethics, they appear to be equally responsible as a Board majority for permitting the Ethics Board to never meet or get its mail delivered. As for the Spain's fight with Democrats, well, lets face it, they love it. But registered Democrats may not find Al Spain's desire to to grab the Democratic endorsement very humorous. Not after taking the GOP endorsement and not after they get a strong whiff of the stench he's helped to create in his party and in town hall.

We at the Pipeline can't wait for Primary season.

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