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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Supervisor" Desso MC's Ceremony

Showing little recognition for the person currently holding the office of Town Supervisor, County Legislator, Town Councilman, Majority Boss Lou Desso had no problem other than speaking spoofs, taking over the traditional role of the Supervisor at this year's Memorial Day ceremony. Those "inalienable" rights, became "alienable" in the transference of roles.

Lou obviously considers himself the town boss and Supervisor Ashworth little more than a distraction on his path to glory. Above is a shot of Desso at the podium doing the job of introductions that have always been performed by Town Supervisors, at least when they were physically up to it.

In the audience wearing the hat on your left is Supervisor Ashworth who got to speak about 18 words, saying hello and welcoming everyone. What a difference from the respect shown to past Supervisors who never had a Board majority but were none the less shown the respect of the office they held. Can you imagine if former Supervisor Roy Wright had been relegated to the audience by the Board majority he served with? The embarrassment to the town was apparent as so many in the audience whispered the question "Why is Desso running the ceremony?"

Other than the obvious disrespect and sleight demonstrated by this hijacking of the Supervisor's traditional role at a Memorial Day Ceremony, the truly important part of the day, remembering the sacrifices of those who have served our country, went on without a hitch. That's because the many people who came out, not to be seen, but to show respect, demonstrated the character and resolve that veterans richly deserve, especially those who paid the ultimate price for freedom.


Interested Party said...

Horray for King Louie!!!!

joe spairana said...

i see mark premo's crews out black topping work that should have been done by casale. the town board refuses to make casale complete the contract work he's been paid for(can't wait untill the state audit sees this) anyways instead of sitting on his hands premo goes out and does it !!!!!!! at least there's one person that cares about their job,the people and the town....thanks mark..keep up the great work.............