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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Parties Seek Candidates

As the month of June approaches, both political parties are advertising for anyone interested in representing them in the coming town elections.

The Republican Committee information can be found here..The Democratic Committee information can be found here

Once again it will be interesting to see whether candidates registered as Democrats will be running with the Republicans.It is not likely that Democrats will permit registered Republicans to run with their banner and party endorsement.

Because there are people so disparate to win an election at any cost, you will find registered Democrats like Town Clerk Kathryn Connolly and Councilman Al Spain as likely to be endorsed and accept the Republican Party line. There is nothing like an election in which the candidate stands for nothing but winning while representing no party platform or values.

Town Democrats have refused to embrace Democrats who accept the Republican line in the belief that people should be able to choose on election day between candidates and their qualifications. (It's called the Democratic Process!)

Anyway, every process, even democracy, can be tested by folks who have an agenda besides a good old fashioned choice at the polls. North Greenbush has proven to be a political swamp when it comes to winning elections and securing power. We can however, hope that this year will be different.

Strenka Fires Back

The former Comptroller pulled no punches in this letter to the editor in today's Record.It represent the most comprehensive response to the hatchet job launched by Lou Desso on his reputation since Desso first leaked the report last Tuesday to both the Record and the Times Union.

For the first time we learned that late reports from Strenka's office were the result of Desso himself pressuring the Comptroller to delay for fear the contents of a public report would provide fodder to his political opposition on the town's finances.

In sum, it paints Dessso as orchestrating a political hit on Strenka's reutation and plenty of ammunition for the Democrats this fall as they field candidates to oppose Desso and his mind boggling interferences in town hall.

Beast Hunters of North Greenbush

Patrick Spain

No were not talking about CB or Lou Desso, but rather the son of Councilman Al Spain who has achieved some success and recognition on the national, if not international stage as a researcher and film producer for National Geographic. You can read about it in today's Times Union here. The first episode is this Friday night at 9PM on the National Geographic channel.
We're not sure if son Patrick is a chip off the old block although the script sounds like it could be repeated right here in North Greenbush with its colorful characters serving as the nature study. Hell, some might argue that he's holding one of the town's politicos in that great picture which is sure to give some of us the willies.

We wish Patrick Spain success and are pleased he has recovered from his recent illness.

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