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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Closing the Noose

It looks like the noose is tightening around several players in scandals that may impact a couple of politicos with ties to North Greenbush. NY State Senator Carl Krueger is said to be surrendering today to Federal prosecutors in a bribery scandal. Here is a link to the story in the NY Post.

Krueger is a renegade Democrat who traditionally aligned himself with Senate Republicans when Joe Bruno was in charge. He was part of the gang of 4 that threw the Senate in turmoil in an attempted coup that would have shifted control from Democrats to Republicans.

His connection to North Greenbush comes with his long employment of resident Tom Connolly and non resident Deputy Town Attorney Josh Ehrlich. Ehrlich remains on the Senate payroll on Krueger's staff while Connolly was recently terminated with the shift of control of the Senate back to the GOP.

Connolly has other troubles as his name or position in the Independence Party continues to circulate in a 1.1million dollar money scandal. He is the Vice Chair of the State Party and is under the scrutiny of a grand jury in NY City for his knowledge of the missing party money donated by Mayor Bloomberg. A State Judge mentions the Vice Chairman in Court as detailed in this article in the NY Times.

Town Board Meeting

Tonight at 7pm, the show continues as Desso and company continue to keep the public in the dark with agendas that do not disclose who they intend to appoint to the Planning Board and its now vacant chairmanship. Open government, Desso style!

We are posting the agenda here because no one bothers to put it on the expensive town web site. (It's amazing what a little prodding can do as the agenda was finally posted on the town web page on this, the very day of the meeting.)

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