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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Town Comptroller Fired

In a remarkable display of arrogance, Lou Desso, Al Spain and their two blind faith allies fired the Town Comptroller last night and replaced him with an unqualified political hack, the town assessor.

Not only was the move a surprise, it was plain stupid as the Assessor is a full time salaried employee and department head who is now being asked to act as Town Comptroller on a mythical part time basis without pay. Translated, he'll be signing off on his departments time cards twice, once as the submitting employee and once as the Comptroller. Worse, he be preparing his departmental budget and recommended raises for himself and those under him, then submitting the request to himself and the Supervisor for approval.

Naturally the Assessor as Comptroller, will agree with himself completely when advising the Supervisor. What a prolific joke! Listen to Lou Desso attempt to lay cover for his actions by saying the move was "purely financial" to save money for the town. Last time this clown made such a claim he fired the Youth Director, Jerry Sickles. Then a month later he authorized 10 grand in overtime for the Building Inspector, the highest salaried employee in town hall, to do some of Sickle's job he had claimed was no longer needed. Money saving move indeed!

Desso apparently told the Comptroller he was the "power in town" and that he was not to help the Supervisor. Desso denied the claim made by the Supervisor last evening, calling it a lie, but Desso may soon face a different kind of humiliation as more information comes to light.

But what really exposes the stupidity of the firing is the consistent claims that the town's financial picture has improved as restated in this video by Desso himself. Well duhhh, if the financial picture has improved, why fire the man at the helm of the fiscal policies that you're bragging about?

Stay tuned for more on this one as politically, the majority has handed their opponents raw red meat. Here's the first bite hot off last night's presses as the Democratic Chair rips away.

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