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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fallout from Firing

If there's one thing Lou Desso and Al Spain can't stand is press coverage of their shenanigans. Today's Troy Record gave them enough to fill a pamphlet. We're confident there will be more coming as the peeling away of the facade continues. Here is a link to the story.

Look for more fallout as this obvious power play in Town Hall gets more light shed on it including actions currently be investigated by the State Comptroller's Office involving Mr. Harkin's pension calculations which were misrepresented to cause a higher payment. The State has sent appropriate correspondence questioning some $6,000 in over payments which we believe will result in legal action if necessary to recover.

Nothing like having a completely honest fellow behind the town's books and financial records hey? Just the way Desso and Spain like it.


Chris said...

John Harkin is an honest man that has given most of his adult life to the Town of North Greenbush in service on the council, as comptroller, as assessor, and in the community and church. He was the comptroller in the 90's while working full time for the State and successfully raising 4 boys, never missing a single little league game, basketball game, or school function. Questioning his honesty, ability, or work ethic is irresponsible and quite hosnestly pathetic. If there were more people like John, the town would be better off.

Anonymous said...

I think you're missing the point. The blog is not questioning his family devotion or involvement. It points out that a New York State agency, the one which handles pensions, is doing the questioning.
It seem obvious that an assessor should not possess a conflicting position as a comptroller of the same town.
I for one believe homeowners want to be confident that their assessments are in no way set by the needs of a comptroller to find revenue for the town or its budget. To argue otherwise seems pathetic. John should do the right thing and politely decline to accept the Comptroller's position.

Fair and Balanced said...

Chris, I do think you missed the point. The blog is not just questioning Mr. Harkin's family devotion and involvement (which they and the letters in the Record clearly do), they are also assuming him guilty of fraud ahead of any actual accusations or charges.

Now that does not change the fact he is currently facing other chargs, for which he will hopefully be due processed and adjudicated appropriately. Which I am certain this blog will call "beating the system" if he doesn't get 5-10 in Sing-Sing.

Biggest problem is we aren't addressing the issue that the Town is still without a comptroller (aside from smears and photo-shop pictures of Lou Desso). Instead of elected officials working to resolve this we have CB Smith dominating the scene making sure nothing gets done. What is his current political office?

John Harkin is not perfect, neither is Lou Desso or Al Spain. Neither are you and neither am I. However, the elected officials are the result of the majority of us choosing them over the other guy. Don't like it, get out next election season and do something about it. I certainly plan to. Just be mindful that these men have families and children who can read your words when you right them.

Bigger problem is that I said I was done blogging and here I am again. Going back on my word, maybe I should run for office? Couldn't get any worse.

-Fair and Balanced

The North Greenbush Pipeline said...

To our Fox News friend, please don't follow the Fox by trying to create your own set of facts. Saying doesn't make it so and saying that this blog has questioned Mr. Harkin or anyone's else's family devotion, calling him guilty of a crime without adjudication, is simply untrue, unfair and unbalanced.
There will be no judgments passed on the outcome of these latest events. That's up to the legal system. It may be imperfect but we all should try to have faith in the process.
Thank you for the majority of your comments and remember you don't need to have an elected office to participate in the political process. Just do what you think is right.