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Monday, December 6, 2010

Connolly Blows A Gasket at Meeting

Last Friday's meeting of Department Heads in the Supervisor's Office included another outrageous outburst by the Town Clerk, Kathryn Connolly. You may remember her disrespectful outburst at a town board meeting in July of last year which you can watch above.

This time, Connolly entered the meeting during a discussion of the budget, which apparently she has some difficulty with when criticism is applied. This is likely due to her secretive role in preparing it for Lou Desso behind the back of the Supervisor and Comptroller who prepared the original document.

Connolly said "This meeting is a waste of time" and "So are you!" referring to the Supervisor. This is exactly the kind of unprofessional conduct that led the Democratic Committee not to endorse her last year. She had already decided to run as a Republican and that was enough to tip the scales within her party of registration.

She clearly owes the Supervisor a big apology for her conduct last Friday. She also owes one to the people of the town who have a right to expect higher standards of those elected to public office. By the way, this latest Oscar winning legendary performance found its way to the Troy Record's weekly column, Talespin. It took second place behind the unlawfully adopted county tax hike created with the help of our own tax and spend Lou Desso and the voter fraud investigation. Nice job Mrs. Connolly. Lou would send his congratulations but he's rumored to be in a remedial math class where he's learning the fine points of calculating two thirds of nineteen, the number of votes needed to pass a budget in the county legislature that raises property taxes.(We hear it's 13 Lou!)

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