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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Board Meeting May Spark Budget Review

The controversial back room budget changes Lou Desso brought into the last town board meeting without other board members made aware of the changes prior to the meeting may be on stage tonight for discussion.

A couple of resolutions affecting that budget may cause a discussion of the hidden raises to pays in town hall that Lou Desso never bothered to disclose when he surprised the Supervisor with a 50 page revision of the budget she and the town comptroller prepared. One in particular would restore two fired highway workers who were part time employees but worked in areas important to the delivery of services, including serving as "wingmen" on town plows and helping with seasonal leaf pick ups.

Also on the agenda is a resolution to restore the salary of the Supervisor's part time Confidential Assistant, a job still unfilled and with the cut in salary, less likely to be filled . Most observers believe the cuts was purely politically motivated as the majority has apparently declared war on the Supervisor and her office, stopping powers and duties at every turn.

There is also a resolution to restore the salary of the Highway Superintendent which was lowered due to a clerical error in the budget listing the salary incorrectly.

Our cameras will be on hand to record the meeting and you will see the meeting here on Friday's Pipeline.

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