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Friday, November 19, 2010

All Budget Changes Behind The Back of the Supervisor

Click above to watch meeting.

At first we thought the foot tall pile of papers Lou Desso placed in front of him at the dais was his arrest record. Instead it turned out to be about 20 copies of the 50 page Town Budget he, Al Spain and the Town Clerk redid without any input from the Supervisor.

The majority restored all the spending cuts made by the Supervisor and took the money from the Highway budget, just as we reported they planned to do. Al Spain called it "doing more with less". A true circus acrobat he is to restore all the spending cuts and claim the budget does more with less. Great foot work on the high wire Al!

But we thought the best example of revisionism came from Lou Desso in his five minute speech and attack on the Highway Department and Supervisor. We love throwing facts in front of Lou's fiction and what better way to debunk his often repeated falsehood about him inheriting the deficit from his adversaries on the 2006 Town Board than posting the actual press release of January 12, 2006 from that board reporting their discovery of a deficit. This was the Board that defeated Desso and his GOP running mates in the 2005 election which included Bob Ashe as the Supervisor candidate and featuring Desso's new buddy at the County Legislature where he holds a conflicting elective office, the now County Auditor and then Town Comptroller Tyler Sawyer.

Seems as soon as the new board took over they discovered that Desso and his running mates were not being truthful in the campaign claims about having a surplus. The Town got a little bill from the State Comptroller's Office that Sawyer and company conveniently didn't bother to pay. Here's the press release from the Board at the time just days after they took control. Whose deficit did you inherent Lou?
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You can watch the meeting by clicking the photo above, something Desso, Spain and their majority just won't allow over the public airwaves due to their ongoing commitment to reform and open government.

The Troy Record covered last night's meeting and their reporter Danielle Sanzone's account can be read here. There is also a letter in the Troy Record which can be read here.

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