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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What Were They Thinking?

When GOP campaign operative Richard Crist wrote that wonderfully out of step letter for North Greenbush "Democrat" Jeff Spain to send to the Troy Record endorsing Senator Roy McDonald, he must not have been thinking.

First it was so obviously not conceived by Spain who speaks an entirely different language than the slick prose of the endorsement letter. And then there was the absurd in your face attempt to sell his enrollment as some legendary Democrat as the key selling point of the letter. No mention of those two public payrolls the GOP appointed him to so they could continue to use him as a stooge. Surely Democrats would sit back and applaud, right?

Well the fast response to Saturday's Spain endorsement printed in the Troy Record will have the McDonald crowd thanking Mr. Spain and Mr. Crist for sure. But we won't spoil the fun, read both letters here and see who's wearing the black eye from the return serve of that ball.

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