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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stealing Yepsen and Labeling McDonald

The sign wars have taken center stage in North Greenbush in the battle for the 43rd Senate District currently held by INCUMBENT Roy McDonald, a Republican. Apparently Roy's campaign is none to pleased by some labels plastered on his signs calling him, OMG, an INCUMBENT!

His campaign manager is a former Joe Bruno aide, Chris Thompson and he filed a report with the NGPD concerning the labeling of McDonald's signs. We understand why McDonald would not want voters to figure out that he's the incumbent Senator. Roy, after all, voted to make Pedro Espada the Senate Majority Leader. He joined every GOP INCUMBENT senator as the Republican Caucus put their power ahead of the public interest, throwing the Senate into turmoil and grinding the Senate to a halt with one of the latest budgets in history.

The McDonald campaign has also employed a hit squad driving a black Range Rover which has been spotted stealing the signs of McDonald's opponent, Joanne Yepsen. In a 48 hour period, more than 19 Yepsen signs were stolen in North Greenbush, most just a day after they were placed.

Let's make it clear that we at this publication do not condone either the theft of lawn signs or their defacing. We are told the North Greenbush Democrats are offering a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest of the those responsible for the sign thefts. They too have filed a police report. But it is instructive in this election climate to note the terror felt in the McDonald camp over voters realizing that he is an incumbent and apparently one who is not at all proud to be labeled as such.

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