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Monday, October 25, 2010

Big Al to the Rescue!

You gotta love it when the Spain brothers try to sell their Democratic credentials as providing some type of credibility to their continued endorsement of Republicans. First it was brother Jeff Spain playing the Democrat card in his endorsements of Republicans running last year for the county legislature followed this year by his pronounced affection for Republican Senate candidate Roy McDonald.

We've chronicled the reasons for Spain's endorsement for Republicans on these pages including his appointment to two public payrolls by the GOP and the continued free legal services being provided in his small claims court case arising from Spain's illegal giveaway of thousands in Democratic Party funds after he lost control of the party. Apparently the GOP feels it's nice to have a few token Democrats in their pockets by putting money in "their" pockets.

Al Spain of course is controlled by the GOP through a city job in Troy where he works for the mayor of Troy. You might recall he was about the only Democrat to survive the purge of 47 city hall workers by then city manager David Grandeau and even brought down a member of the family to city hall to help do the work of of some of the fired workers to impress Grandeau with his loyalty. Of course that didn't impress the fired workers who to this day hold a special place in their hearts for Al.

So now the GOP is for the second time, using Al and his Democratic registration to sell Roy McDonald. You can read it here in today's Record.It goes well with the lawn sign on his property, don't you think?

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