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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lou's Blues

It must be tough to spend your life consumed about who people are talking to and whether they are saying things you don't want them to know. It's a form of paranoia and it is spelled "Lou Desso".

There is now a last minute add on to the agenda tomorrow by Desso requesting a special meting of the town board. Nowhere does the resolution say why the meeting is needed. That's because Mr Desso does not want the pubic and especially those he is afraid of to know the purpose of the meeting. Paranoia is a state of mind after all and given Mr. Desso's background, one can understand why he is so possessed of the syndrome.

Facing a town election in just a few months, Mr. Desso has to wish away many problems, from his firing of the Youth Director, his approval of TEN GRAND in outrageous overtime to his buddy and fellow Conservative Michael Miner, to do the job of the man whose position he claimed was unneeded and of course that little DEFICIT. It's estimated at $171,000 but then you have to add some $231,000 to make up for an oversight to include several policeman in the retirement system who somehow did not enroll in time and you have a WHOPPING town deficit.

Lou can't borrow his way out of this one. The General Finance Law precludes him from borrowing the payment to the NY State Retirement System that will be due in a lump sum in February 2011. So Lou has to find a way to cut spending, the JOBS of his buddies, and not raise taxes. You can bet he'll try to manipulate the Town Comptroller whom he failed to appoint to a required Two Year Term last January. It's a control mechanism, not appointing someone to a required fixed term and Desso will undoubtedly tell the Comptroller to do things he shouldn't do to try and make Desso look good for the election.

But that's why we're here, to keep them all honest in a world where deceit is the norm. George Orwell said it best. "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." Lou Desso has to hate George Orwell and the Pipeline.

The Supervisor Fires Back

The Town Supervisor must have come to the conclusion that efforts to work with Lou Desso and Al Spain have not produced much in the line of results. Her criticism can be found in last week's Advertiser and now on the town's web page here.

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