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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Desso Looses Cool and Calls the Lady a Liar

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It must have been a full moon last night because both Lou Desso and Katie Connolly showed as much composure as Nikita Khrushchev in a shoe store. Desso showed us how he treats a lady when he repeatedly called Mrs. Ashworth a liar. The episode stemmed from Desso’s self appointment as a negotiator with the town hall union without telling the Supervisor what he was doing. It appears that a meeting was set to take place next Wednesday between the union and a PERB mediator in order to reach a deal on a new contract. Desso wants the credit for whatever deal is being worked out so he scheduled a surprise town board meeting for the Monday preceeding the PERB meeting as a last minute agenda item. We don’t suppose anyone on the board cares that Desso was never appointed as a negotiator for the town. He just takes it upon himself to try and run everything.

You’ll enjoy the video of the exchange which is another reason these clowns don’t want to turn on the town’s expensive ceiling cam or as we call it, the “Katie Cam”, named for the town clerk who went on an unauthorized shopping spree a few years back to buy the camera and equipment, and install it so she could tape board meetings for cable TV. Here we are a few years later, out $1500 bucks with a camera that allegedly don’t work.

Then take a minute to watch Town Clerk Connolly walk out of the meeting blowing her cork at the Supervisor for reasons we still don’t understand. If you listen carefully you can hear her whisper to the town attorney something like "wait till you hear this". It must be her blood pressure and internal conflicts arising from running as a Republican last year and getting geared up to try to claim her Democratic Party credentials in a rumored rematch for a Democratic Committee seat which she lost, along with the caucus despite her pleas of being the best Democrat since FDR.

Never mind taking those minutes Ms. Connolly, the one thing you are supposed to do at a Board meeting. Instead Connolly spoke longer on resolutions during the meeting than any board member, even Lou Desso, and that’s a mouthful! What it boils down to is that Ms. Connolly is unprofessional. Her only job at a board meeting is to take the minutes, not engage in absurd political theater to score points with her friends on the town board and walk out the meeting and away from her responsibility to take the minutes.

So take your shoes off, sit back and watch these two in a true You Tube moment. Oh, we almost forgot to tell you that it was disclosed last night that Lou's buddy, Building Inspector Michael Miner was paid a whopping $700.00 in overtime last week as part of Lou Desso's plan to save the town money by firing a Youth Director who got paid a lot less!

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