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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Desso Duels CB

What an amazing resolution! Lou Desso wants to change the Board's procedural rules so as to require a Board member to get the permission and votes of a majority of board members in order for a Board member to permit someone in the audience to speak after the regular opportunity for public comment has expired. That means that for a Board member to ask a question of someone in the audience after the normal public comment period, the board member needs the votes of three Board members for that person to answer their question.!

What a joke! Most folks think its Desso's pure fear of CB Smith. At the last Board meeting Desso had left the room, presumably to relieve himself. While he was absent, the Supervisor asked CB a question and during the exchange, Desso returned to the room and began a tirade over Smith talking after the public comment period, never realizing that Smith was asked a question. His embarrassing tirade was captured and immortalized here on the Pipeline.

Desso is apparently so fearful of being embarrassed by CB that he wants to gag him by requiring the permission of a Board majority for anyone to speak, even if asked a question by a Board member, after the regular public comment periods.

Now that's guts Louie! Walk ten paces and fire! Afraid of what one guy might say so you muzzle every board member's ability to ask a question in the audience just in case the question is asked of ol' CB.

Well, pony up Board members! Show your guts and vote with Mr. Desso to protect him from CB Smith. What courage will be on display as you also vote to do Louies bidding by firing Jerry Sickles.

The big firing party is tonight at 7PM and there is a story about it in today's Record which you can read here. We're betting the local media stops by to watch Lou Desso make the case to fire the guy he's been trying to get out of the way for the past year.

We guess Mr. Sickles just doesn't have a good enough conviction record to meet Desso's standards. Popcorn is optional.

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