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Friday, May 14, 2010

Heerrree's Louie!

All that was missing was the popcorn! It was a theatrical display of uncontrolled rampage that helps you understand why this fellow found himself in some legal trouble in his youth.

Watch Councilman Desso as he leaves the dais during a discussion and returns, completely unaware that the Supervisor had been speaking with a member of the audience regarding an agenda item. Desso has an obvious obsession with nemesis CB Smith and as soon as he heard him say boo, Desso interrupted the Board and went on a tirade about speaking at board meetings. The Supervisor tried repeatedly to get a word in to explain she had invited the exchange for the purpose of clarifying the agenda item, a FOIL appeal, but to no avail. Desso was on a rampage, displaying all the poise of Rottweiler chasing a squirrel.

Somehow, though, words can't do this clip justice so grab yourself a beverage and some popcorn, put your feet up and get ready for the show. Heeerrreess Louie!

Part II A Planing Board appointment for Al Spain's "Wolf Road" Brother

You can't make this stuff up. The August 23, 2007 edition of Metroland features Jeff Spain, the short tenured defunct Town Democratic Chairman praising the notion of RT 4 becoming another Wolf Road. If you've forgotten, the piece is still online and you owe yourself a refresher by clicking here. The best quote: “I would love to see Route 4 become another Wolf Road,” said Jeffrey Spain, the chairman of the North Greenbush Democratic Committee. “I want development for this town.”People from all over the Capital Region, he pointed out, travel to Wolf Road to shop and eat at any number of the road’s thriving businesses. There is no reason that Route 4 from North Greenbush down to Hudson Valley Community College can’t be just like that.“I think that would be a wonderful thing,” he enthused.

Of course that was before Lou Desso and his majority decided to repay brother Al Spain for his critical vote to reappoint Desso to the Town Board by appointing the Wolf Roadster himself to the town's Planning Board in a vacancy that was apparently being saved for the three months it took to find a way to legally reappoint Desso to the board seat he was removed from by the courts. And naturally, Jeff Spain thinks Metroland did a hatchet job on him with mischaracterizations of his comments, so much so that the new Jeff Spain denounced his prior position doing a complete one eighty turn.

So another one heads for the public trough where he can likely do the most damage. A perfect fit for the dysfunctional government in North Greenbush. You can listen to Spain's speech here.

1 comment:

Interested Party said...

WOW- if the only qualification to become a PLanning Board member is to have your elected brother and his cronies appoint you, then I'm in. I'll have my brother run next year against Al- not like he has any great accomplishments to hang his hat on. What a joke....the NG B&llsh%t train rolls on.....