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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spain To The Rescue of Double Dippers

Lou Desso's dog and pony show in support of the "Double Dipper Law" that will allow Desso and his two GOP colleagues to buddy up to the public trough and grab a second paycheck on the Town Boards included that famous GOP tool, "Democrat" Al Spain. But of course and Lou Desso was that desperate that he had to use his turncoat Democrat.

"Democrat" Al spoke in favor of double dipping. It's a practice he himself performs with two public paychecks although that may change sooner rather than later. Desso paraded several of his buddies from North Greenbush in an effort to justify changing the law for Lou's financial benefit and ability to double dip at taxpayer expense. And remarkably, Desso recused himself from the vote along with colleague Legislator Cristo from East Greenbush.

After the 11-6 vote which lacked even one Democratic vote, Republicans thanked the Spain's by appointing brother Jeff Spain to a paid position on the Sewer Board. Yes we know, how appropriate, right!
Al & Jeff
So as we move along to Desso's return to the town board and Al Spain's expected voted against a Democrat to fill the position, the real Democrats are anxiously waiting to take the issue to the folks that have the final say, the voters. They don't like greedy politicians who double dip into their pockets and build their pensions with an extra public job claiming they work an extra 20 hours a week in addition to the 30 hours claimed as a Legislator in the county and a 40 hour a week private sector gig.

So the big news of the night is not the outcome of the vote, but the exposure of the Spain's as tools of the Republican Party in Rensselaer County. We sure are glad the Democrats in Troy who are feeding him, had this chance to see the proof.

You can read about last night's meeting in this morning's Troy Record here. We got a kick out of Lou Desso's comment saying ballot boxes, not judges should decide such issues. This is the same fellow who went around town in 2005 securing dozens of absentee ballots from residents telling them it was ok to be in town on Primary Day and request the absentee ballot anyway so he could secure their write in ballots. All 150 ballots challenged in court secured by Desso and his team when opened were 100% for Desso and his running mates. A truly remarkable demonstration of respect for Democracy by our very own ballot burglar.

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