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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Look for a Stage Show Tonight

It's obvious from the agenda for tonight's meeting that the Town Board majority which includes "Democrat" Al Spain, is ready to vote to officially endorse Double Dipping in North Greenbush by considering only one candidate to replace Lou Desso on the Board and that candidate is of course, Lou Desso. What a surprise!

Better yet is that Desso himself has been busy calling and cajoling every developer , contractor, and acquaintance in town to come to the meeting, which he calls a "rally" supporting him. He even issued a press release with the titile “Residents to Rally for Lou Desso’s Return to NGB Town Board. Desso to Be Considered for Appointment Thursday, April 22″. Did it say Desso to be considered as if there was actually someone else?

Well don't be confused into thinking it's a Planning Board Meeting. One contractor told the Pipeline that Desso had stopped by his construction site and asked that he stop by to show his support.

With all of the serious issues surrounding the practice of double dipping, this is one the voters will get to decide in November. Too bad the county's fiscal crisis and projected 14 million dollar deficit isn't important enough for county legislators to exclusively devote their energies to. Taxpayers deserve better.

And it's unfortunate that folks who decide to do what Desso plans to do get to pad the State pension system by claiming 30 hours a week at the part time county legislature and another 20 on the part time town board. Of course when you have a full time private sector job as well, you get the picture.

Then there's the disservice of spending the next several months campaigning and fund raising instead of addressing the problems of either government. You'll note that despite the town's own fiscal crisis and ballooning deficit last estimated at $171, 309, not one cut is on tonight's agenda. No significant step has been taken to reduce spending, the only way to cut the deficit and stop it from growing in this fiscal year.

So bring your snacks and get ready for the show. Act One begins at 7PM at town hall. When its over, the voters will have their say, not the GOP Town Board majority.

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