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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Desso Returns

Click above to hear class in action.
He just couldn't help himself. With his three allies on the town board poised to re-appoint him after a partisan law passed by his Republican colleagues in the county to permit double dipping, the Town Supervisor appeared to be willing to give him the fourth, unanimous vote. Until, that is, Lou Desso stuffed the gesture back into Josephine Ashworth's face. Even the Record picked up on the arrogance which you can read here. "When she said to Desso, who sat in the front row with family, that she would “extend (him) the olive branch one more time,” he interrupted her to say she never had. “You haven’t given it to me yet. Please don’t say it that way now,” Desso said. The arrogance would have melted the frosting on the presumptive double dip chocolate cake sitting on the window ledge congratulating him.

When the vote came, Ashworth voted "No", "because of that comment.” Whether they realize it or not, it's that kind of in your face behavior that seems to be pervasive on the part of at least board members Desso and Spain who refuse to keep communication lines open with the Supervisor, adding surprise agenda items and making for bad blood.

Spain, incidentally, showed his idea of class when he read a letter from none other than Conservative Committeewoman Judy Wos. The letter was a typically malicious prose attacking nemesis CB Smith rather than reaping praise on Desso. It's was a lot like the hate blog she writes from the other side of town. What a hoot!

You had to feel sorry for some of the folks who were asked to speak who were given typed scripts with the GOP talking points. All part of the orchestrated stage show. No Oscars here though.

In the end it will be the voters who decide the issue of double dipping in November, not the cake eaters of Thursday's screen play.

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Anonymous said...

Let me know when the Town is building a statue to OUR MAN LOU. Then it will be time to move.