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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Double Dippers

Get ready for Lou Desso's second round of the Rensselaer County GOP's version of March Madness as Desso and the "GOP Double Dippers" try to convince voters he should be permitted to coach two teams at the same time on the same court!

Today's Troy Record has a cleverly written letter signed by Desso but undoubtedly written by the $100,000 a year GOP staffer in the bloated Majority Office of the Rensselaer County Legislature. The play Coach Desso is sending in from the bench would allow the GOP in control of the Legislature to amend the County Charter so that Coach Desso and other Republicans elected from the towns can reverse a court decision that prevented them from serving as coach on two teams simultaneously. The teams are units of local government, the County Legislature and Town Boards. Don't however, expect that Republicans think serving two masters should apply to the Legislators elected from the cities. The proposed change in the law would only allow Republican Legislators elected from the towns to serve simultaneously on town boards. As written the proposed law would not permit Legislators from the cities to serve on their City Councils. Heaven forbid that the same rules should apply to all Legislators, right Lou?

Desso's playbook includes a re-write of town history. He claims to have erased a town deficit of more than $400,000. In reality the town's deficit now stands at a whopping $171,000 and is the result of the last two budgets in which Desso bragged he did not raise taxes. That's pretty easy when you allow expenses to exceed revenue and build a massive deficit in the process.

So Desso and his GOP allies want to change the law so that Desso can again Double Dip at taxpayer expense, take home two public pay checks and report all those extra hours to the State Retirement System to fatten his potential public pension. Republicans plan to change the law on April 13th at their regular meeting so that Lou and his two friends from East Greenbush can try to run again for town board seats the courts wisely removed them from.

Fortunately, voters can put a stop to this senseless greed in something Desso can't stop in his hopeless case of March Madness. It's called an election and that's no April Fools joke.

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