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Monday, March 29, 2010

Political Hypocrisy Has No Borders

Sometimes we forget that hypocrisy is not the drug of choice for politicians in North Greenbush alone. Here they brag about not raising taxes while they quietly run up a massive deficit now reported to be a whopping $171,000. They talk about ethics while failing to appoint an Ethics Board for two years and they talk about being fiscally conservative while awarding a needless $40,000 no bid contract to redo the Comprehensive Plan and allowing a vender to keep $40,000 in health insurance premiums at taxpayer expense, even though he was never eligible to receive the benefit. Hey what are friends for right?

But we want you to know that hypocrisy is not the drug of choice for North Greenbush politicians alone. We stumbled on this article from the Boston Globe that shows hypocrisy is practiced at the highest corridors of power, even in a neighboring state.

Now whether you are for or against the recently signed health care legislation, you have to appreciate the high wire balancing act of these two politicians from Massachusetts. They'd be right at home here in North Greenbush as part of this town's GOP majority which of itself is a bit of a high wire balancing act with a Democrat working as a Republican to form a GOP majority.

Whatever the chemistry, you have to admire the acrobatic prowess displayed here and on the national stage as the art of politics displays high wire balancing acts worthy of Houdini.

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