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Friday, February 26, 2010

Civility Returns

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After the embarrassing power plays which characterized the meeting of February 11th, it appears civility has returned to town board meetings. Last night's workshop was conducted absent Lou Desso who was removed from the board after a unanimous ruling by the Appellate Division of State Supreme Court. The board has the power to appoint a temporary replacement but there will be an election in November and quite possibly a special election within a couple of months should the Governor exercise his power to call one for both North and East Greenbush which lost 2 board members in the same ruling affecting Desso.

Because East Greenbush needs to engage in bonding, a fourth board member is need to approve the bonding resolution and absent a special election or a 2-1 board agreeing to appoint at least one additional member, only the Governor can call a special election which would allow the board to gain sufficient membership to vote and achieve at least 4 votes needed to approve such a resolution.

The thought is that if a special election is called in East Greenbush, the Governor will also include North Greenbush making any Board approved candidate short lived unless the candidate can win the seat in the special election.

The video of last night's meeting is posted here for your edification. Pay attention to the discussion on how to pay for the unfinished work in Water 14 which the contractor is refusing to do unless he is again and again and again, paid more money than the contract price and bid he agreed to to finish the whole job.

You won't believe it but we agree with Councilman Spain's position that the contractor should be compelled to pay. Trouble is the folks in the Building Department still seem to think they work for the contractor and not the town so they appear to want the contractor to get more money to finish rather than finish what he agreed to do for a fixed sum.

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the problem is the contractor wasn't reqired to put up a bond ,something i have never seen in 35 years as a nysdot employee. it's just unheard of in any type of work like we're talking about. had a bond been put up by the contractor NONE AND I MEAN NONE of this unfinished work baloney would be such a problem. my driveway,lawn and sidewal are still a mess and it's been 3 years. this dispite the towns promise via paul patti that everyting would be fix last summer/fall. who's ever responsible for writting the orginal contract should be horse wipped.