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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Arrogance and Disrespect in Governing

Above are links to last evenings Town Board Meeting which will play in Window Media Player.

Those are the nicest terms which describe the conduct of the majority running the town board after watching the conduct displayed at last evenings meeting. Even one of the most moderate voices attending town board meetings, Ned Fitzgerald, expressed his disgust with the lack of respect demonstrated by board members forcing vote after vote on appointments without ever sharing the names or resumes with the Supervisor.

The Supervisor made a fool of them by simply being forced to ask over and over again, "who is ..." Name after name thrown on the agenda at the last minute and never shared with the Supervisor as one of the most common courtesies and civilities expected in the conduct of a public body. Al Spain and Lou Desso showed their colors and sadly the two new Board members did not have the backbone to stand up to the sad display of arrogance. You should also know that these appointments were added to the agenda after Board members saw a Resolution by the Supervisor to have a Special Meeting for all to discuss who to put on these boards and committees. Imagine that, a public, open discussion for appointments held in North Greenbush. My goodness, we can't have that happen, it would OPEN GOVERNMENT!

Perhaps the best moments from a stupidity standpoint came when the Board was asked who had contacted Reverend Braum to ask him to be on the Ethics Board. No one could answer until finally Lou Desso claimed to have made the contact, not having heard the question, and apparently forgetting that just minutes earlier , had admitted he had only met the the man once or twice and did not know anything about him. Bets are no one had bothered to call the Reverend and ask him to be on the Ethics Board.

And yes, Al Spain got a case of belated Ethics. He recused himself from voting to put his brother on the IDA. Trouble is Al forgot that just two years ago he voted to appoint his brother to the same board and his sister to the Comprehensive Plan Committee. Better late than never hey?

And yes, Al Spain did vote to appoint his brother's free attorney to a paid job as a town attorney. Ethics indeed. Other amazing highlights included the usual attempt to claim they are above politics in the appointment process. For example, they wanted to keep the two political buddies from out of town they appointed as town attorneys two years ago because they were doing a good job and there was therefore no reason to remove them. They forgot, however, that they removed the two attorneys who preceded them who were also doing a good job and they forgot they were about to contradict themselves by refusing to reappoint a woman who is on the Board of Assessment Review and by all accounts, also doing a good job. They didn't bother to even consult her before removing her, nor did they bother to tell the Supervisor or anyone else as they voted to simply replace her with someone else. Quality work only counts as a cover story when its convenient. Sometimes however, the convenience exposes one's pure stupidity as a lesson in contradictions.

So take a gander at your government at work in North Greenbush. See if they don't offend your most basic sense of civility and decency. They sure got to Ned Fitzgerald. He displayed a lot of guts in expressing his profound disgust and disappointment with the conduct of the new board majority.

A Cute Letter

Be sure to read today's Record and the arranged Pulse of the People Letter for Lou Desso. Be sure to read the comment below as well.


Anonymous said...

What a bunch of arrogant bozos. Spain and Desso don't give a dam about common courtesies and the two new puppets haven't got the guts to stop them and do the right thing.
I did like the part where Desso was trying to explain who one of the appointees was to the Supervisor. The name was Cybil Martino or something like that. He was rattling off the resume, (Mr. Non political) and someone is the audience spoke up just enough so you could hear the words "Judy Wos's daughter!" Hey Lou you forgot to mention that one!

Anonymous said...

Indeed the conduct of the majority on the town board is reprehensible.

However, the real blame goes to the voters who put them there. When are residents going to stop taking their Democracy for granted? When its gone?

Anonymous said...

That Cybil character is also Desso's Treasurer.No political connections in any of their appointments, right!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this is how Kelly Hoffman runs Wynantskill School Board meetings, handing out appointment resolutions and not bothering to provide fellow board members with the resumes?
What a disappointment you turned out to be and Mr. Bott, don't you see what they did to you. They're using you and making you look as bad as they are.