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Friday, January 29, 2010

Spain Can Hire His Friends Law Passes!

In an amazing display of mind control, both of Spain's new allies on the town board, followed him over the political cliff passing a Local Law which allows the town board to hire non residents,(Spain's friends)to the posts of deputy town attorney. Perhaps more amazing was Spain's arrogant refusal to recuse himself or even explain why he should not recuse himself given that one of the attorneys he wants to appoint is said to be representing his brother pro-bono in a civil case. This creates the appearance that Lou Desso avoided with recusal, specifically that Spain is using his town office to appoint the attorney to a town job in exchange for the free legal services the attorney is providing to his brother. Brother Jeff got up and said it was nobody's business but his, but that failed to get brother Al off the hook on the apparent quid pro quo from an ethics viewpoint. Nothing like watching someone affirm the need for recusal while trying to use one's intellectual abilities to accomplish the opposite.

You can watch the Public Hearing by clicking the first photo above of the Town Board and you can watch the meeting which followed by clicking the video camera link to the right. It's about 45 minutes long.

All in the Family!

As Lou Desso tries for a stay of the court order removing him from the town board, he has been preparing contingency plans just in case he remains off. Plan One: Appoint my wife, of course! That way I keep control of the puppets I've worked so hard to get. Plan two has the hate blog owner Judith Wos willing to accept the seat. Our sources say she wants it and wouldn't she be a great fit as she continues to be a voice and web platform for some of the most hateful rhetoric on the web in North Greenbush on her "truth spelled wrong" blog. Wouldn't it be a hoot for the town board to appoint someone who has been running one of the most potentially libelous and slanderous blogs in town to the town board!

Word has it as well that another of Desso's dark horses is a Democratic Committeeman which ought to go over big with his Republican handlers. We'll hold off naming the lucky potential nominee until we see some movement in that area. The whole thing is reminiscent of Desso's grand failed plan to appoint his legislative colleague from East Greenbush, Phil Danher, as our Town Comptroller. That plan fell apart after the media got wind of it. We have heard that Danaher has finally decided to sign the oath book to join the County Legislature. This may be a result of a rumored stay on appeal that some sources claim was obtained today by Desso as part of an appeal of the decision which removed him from the town board.

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Anonymous said...

Does this really surprise anyone? This is business as usual in North Greenbush.

Honesty and integrity left his town a long time ago.