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Friday, October 23, 2009

Political Laws of Physics

Call it the "nuclear option". For every action there is an equal an opposite reaction. So say the laws of physics and so say the laws of Rensselaer County politics. Republicans and in particular, campaign strategist Richard Crist, have made a decision to go after Democratic Legislator Kevin Harrington, by distorting his military service record. Through his political stooges, the County Auditor for one, whose job is as dependent on Crist as was former employee Coleen Regan, who provided an affidavit claiming she was fired because she refused Crist's sexual advances, is distorting the truth about Harrington's honorable military discharge in an effort to assassinate his standing with veterans and the voters.

The letter from the appointed county auditor Tyler Sawyer to veterans in the legislative district, continues the smear campaign with grossly distorted spin on Harrington's military discharge. He claims he does this without political motive despite the fact the letter is marked as paid for by the GOP Legislative Campaign Committee.

A General Discharge under Honorable Circumstances is an honorable discharge. Sawyer and the military knows it, yet they continue to smear Harrington's military service while "forgiving" the felony conviction record of one of Harrington's opponents. His name is Louis J. Desso. Crist, a non veteran, may not appreciate the value of military service, but he should not be excused in this case.

We had declined to post Desso's name on this publication because his voluminous arrest record occurred many years ago. But if the GOP campaign operative insists on distorting Harrington's military discharge from his early twenties, the laws of political physics justify our publishing the truth about Desso's arrest record.

Today we will provide the first installment. A Troy Record newspaper article detailing his arrest by Troy Police. We'll let Mr. Desso explain the circumstances of that arrest and the disposition of the charges if he chooses to provide them in a comment. Then we may decide to to correct his claims with information provided to us regarding the charges. Remember, these police officers are still hanging around as are other Troy officers who recall the case.

Political Physics 101: Candidate Lou Desso will not skate from his past while Republicans distort the past of his Democratic opponent. The fact is while Harrington chose to serve his country in the Navy, Desso contributed a great deal of ink to area police blotters like the article above, published December 4, 1975 in the Troy Record demonstrates. Neither Crist or his henchmen, are in any position to criticize Harrington.

Monday, Installment 2.

Town Board Meeting Audio

Give a listen on our Pipeline Radio. The town board and clerk have not and will not bother to rebroadcast the meetings on TV so we continue to do their job for them on the Internet with audio.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Its been a shame to watch Rich Crist devote his life the the Republicans of Rensselaer County. Does he really think they won't sell him out in a heartbeat when need be? Does he really think this is going to get him somewhere in the end? What a feeling it must be to look back and know that you devoted your energy/life to a dirty political career.

- Signed a Republican and Conservative household