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Saturday, October 24, 2009


You won't find anything on this candidate's campaign website which explains the many arrests detailed in local newspapers on an assortment of charges. Lou Desso . com may need some competition with another GOOGLED name such as LouDesso.con to get facts about this Watervliet arrest from the Troy Record's September 12, 1980 edition.

Seems this encounter with the law landed him in the Albany County Jail without bail after appearing before City Court Judge Warren C. DeLollo.

Again, it's important to note that none of this would have been posted on this site had Republicans kept their campaign out of the mud by mis-stating and distorting Democratic Legislator Kevin Harrington's discharge from the military. If they are comfortable slinging the mud at their opponents, we are comfortable reprinting the truth about their candidate.

We invite the candidate to tell his side of the story on each of these arrests and better yet, to clear the air about each and every arrest or trip to a local jail. No, we are not going to accuse him of responsibility for someone's death as Republican blogs have now stooped to with regard to their target of choice. We'll stick to the facts as reported in the press.


Anonymous said...

now i know why he's called "WRONG WAY LOUIE"........

Anonymous said...

So far you've mentioned an an arrest and a court appearance which are both just slightly higher than an accusation.Show us a conviction or it isn't worth the egg on your ugly faces

Anonymous said...

Good enough for me! Seems to be a pattern with this slug. Let Sweet Lou release his entire criminal background and show his true colors. Not a guy I want around my kids or in my town.