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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Officials Threatened At Town Hall

The scuttlebutt coming from town police is that the Conservative Contractor was at it again last week. This time at town hall demanding more money from the Town Supervisor and Comptroller. Apparently two police reports were filed, one by each official, after the contractor for Water District 14 showed up demanding more money.

A very angry contractor apparently got into the faces of both the Supervisor and Comptroller, who refused to release another payment . Casale sued the town and won a "settlement" that was supposed to require him to finish all remaining work, including restoration work of driveways and lawns. That million plus deal was imposed on the entire town, even though the work was for Water 14 only.

Apparently its just not enough for the contractor whose brother is also the Chairman of the Conservative Party which has taken the step of endorsing a slate of town board candidates, including two of his Committee members , one for Supervisor, Michael Miner, head of the Building Department and Kelly Hoffman, a council candidate. Casale has also endorsed Joe Bott and if he has his way, Conservatives will have a new majority in town hall that will surrender payments on demand for the never ending water contract that keeps on giving millions to the contractor.

According to sources, Miner has also been applying inappropriate pressure on the Comptroller to make payments to his Chairman's company. When all else seems to fail, send in the owner who has a history of getting himself arrested over his mix of business and politics. He suffered a conviction in Schaghticoke Town Court over a harassment episode of CB Smith which caused a three year Order of Protection to be placed on him. Perhaps the Supervisor and Comptroller need the same type of protection before verbal abuse turns into another violent episode.

If Casale wins even one of the three seats his Conservative Party is supporting for control of the town board, it's likely they will fire the Comptroller and write all the checks they want, on demand. Stay tuned as this story develops and take a look back at Metroland to refresh your memory on Casale's political escapades.


joe spairana said...

what's really sad is that after the first completely screwed up administration and oversight of water dist.14 i offered my 35 years of talents learned at NYSDOT dealing with contracts and contractors. i was very good at what i did and could have put the town on the right track.....ALL OF MY SERVICES WERE OFFERED FOR FREE,FREE,FREE. my intervention could have saved the town residents big money and the town employees would have learn how to set tracking systems and how to enforce contract work.let's not forget that spain and DESSO voted against me to be appointed to the town highway comm. how stupid was there vote....just think of all the money i could have saved the town !!!!!!!!!!! joe spairana engineer in charge,nysdot,retired.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Joe for your kind gesture. Evers, Miner,Connolly, Spain (our pseudo-Dem) and Desso would never go along with having an expert around to straighten out the mess we're in. That would make it so hard to hand out the money to their cronies.