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Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween in North Greenbush

No political season would be complete in North Greenbush without the assortment of caricatures and cartoons our town is famous for. This year there were many submissions, most of which depicted the Supervisor in one embarrassing predicament or another, either dancing with developers, looking for his deficit or debating himself.

But readers choose this one as the most talked about and creative entry of the 2009 Election and Halloween Season. The 2009 North Greenbush Pipeline Best Dressed for Halloween Award goes to our own Town Clerk, Kathryn Connolly.

Whether fudging overtime reports, concealing reports in violation of the FOIL law or refusing to certify a document she falsified to protect her comrade, Councilman Spain, Clerk Connolly has found herself at the center of a hotly contested campaign.

After loosing the Democratic Party endorsement, largely due to burning too many bridges with people in her party who saved her political butt from her own mis-steps, Connolly is finding out that not focusing on her job, and trying to run her party and the town, can come back to bite you.

So on this Halloween Eve with the weekend res-bit dawning for the Pipeline, we wish all a happy and safe Halloween.

Democratic Election Rally

The Town Democrats are holding their Election Rally tonight at 7PM at the American Legion. The cost is $30.00 a person and $50.00 a couple. You can pay at the door and the public is invited to attend and meet all of the candidates from the Democratic side as well as several county candidates, including Judge Andrew Ceresia, Family Court Judge candidate Beth Walsh, and an expected visit by State Supreme Court candidate James G. Gilpatric.

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Anonymous said...

after reading supreme court wannbe jill dunn's attack on judge gilpatric and the tu endorsement of dunn and against judge gilpatric,it would seem to me that they (dunn/tu) are also saying DONOT vote for LOU DESSO. noe even a high roller in his own party is against "WRONG WAY LOUIE" it would seem to follow that the tu also is saying DONOT VOTE FOR LOU DESSO.......dear o dear poor louie !!!!