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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Judge Whopper?

Yesterday's Troy Record column notes a picnic advertised by the GOP's second choice for town justice, Kathryn Dell. The column notes the similarities between the food giveaway to North Greenbush residents this Thursday August 20th at the town beach and the legal difficulties such generosity brought to a now former State Supreme Court Justice.

Dell was shafted by the town GOP when Stephanie Piel, with absolutely no trial experience, was "suggested" to the town board over Dell who, like it or not, has a wealth of trial experience. Connections and backroom deals count and the GOP has never worried about resumes when it comes to picking candidates. Just look at their slate if you have any doubts. Piel sits on the bench after the town GOP Chairman with held his party's endorsements for town board seats until the "Town Board acts on a matter of interest to us", according to an email provided to the Pipeline from the Chairman's computer. First it was buying a judgeship from the three town board Conservatives in desperate need of a GOP ballot endorsement and now hamburgers for votes? What could be next!

But the Record column focuses on the perception created by what they call "Hamburgers for Votes" twisting the old Popeye cartoon character, Whimpie's slogan into "I'll gladly give you a hamburger today for your vote on Tuesday".

We look at it this way, The People's Court has Judge Wapner and North Greenbush might have Judge Whopper if Dell is elected and if the Commission on Judicial Conduct approves allowing Dell to "have it her way".

Democrats Announce Caucus

Hold the pickles , hold the lettuce, Democratic Caucuses don't upset us! Yesterday town Democrats announced that the Party caucus will be held on Thursday August 27th at 7PM at the Troy Elk's Lodge. It should be quite a show as the Democratic Committee's candidates slug it out with GOP and Conservative backed candidates including GOP Clerk candidate Kathryn Connolly who has not been to work since July 7th. The bet is she'll be well enough to attend the caucus.

Stay tuned and pass ketchup!


Interested Party said...

How convenient that Ms. Connolly will be available for the caucus- once again she proves that it's all about her and not the public that she serves.

Time to send her and Tommy Boy packing!!!

Anonymous said...

As far as the Clerk goes- she always like to play the SYMPATHY card. I will never forget her dragging that poor son of hers before the cameras to try and save her job. What a disgrace. A form of child abuse, I would say. Let us all hope and pray the Clerk's race is not won by theatrics. Let us look to the future.Perhaps, someone with no baggage.