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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Greenbush Party Returns

Once again, the Greenbush Party has filed Independent Nominating Petitions for all town offices being contested in this years General Election. The party first came into being in 2007 and performed better than any other party in the November election with more votes for Supervisor than Mark Evers got on any single party line. You may recall they tried to rig the election by placing his name on all 4 party lines leaving voters with no choice.

Some 350 signatures were filed yesterday at the County Board of Elections from voters registered across party lines and from all three of our so called hamlets. The petitions were filed by Michael Angelo who is listed as the contact person.

The slate is identical to the slate endorsed by the Democratic Committee, none of whom have secured their party endorsement and ballot line because the party has yet to hold its caucus scheduled for August 27th at 7PM at the Troy Elks.

Nonetheless, conventional wisdom says those holding both the Greenbush Line and the Democratic line would be a force to be reckoned with at the polls for they were the first and second highest vote tallies respectively.

The Greenbush Party maintains a website at greenbushparty.blogspot.com and have announced their filing on this morning's blog post.

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Interested Party said...

On a related matter- saw CB's article in The Record about Louie- the comments were spot on- especially about the crooked absentee ballot b*lls%it that went on in 2005. Ashe, Louie and Rich Crist had themselves a good laugh about fraudulently signing up their friends and relatives who had no intention of being out of town on primary day- just remember fellas- what goes around comes around. Lou is a fake and a snake and will never change his colors- sober or not.