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Monday, June 15, 2009

Noel Honored by Democrats

North Greenbush Democrats honored long time party activist Trish Noel Saturday evening with one of the biggest crowds in years in attendance. Congressman Paul Tonko attended his first committee sponsored event and was warmly received by the crowd.

Noel has worn many hats over the years as a former Town Clerk and School Board President, but most of all, she has been a tireless worker for Democratic causes earning her the respect and admiration of the community.

This event had been postponed for a while as Trish battled health issues. All agreed she looked great as she accepted the Person of the Year award from the Democratic Committee which was presented by the County Chairman, Thomas Wade.

Whispers in the audience were overheard that with a rebound in her health, Noel is considering returning to public office either with a run for town clerk or supervisor. Wouldn't that be a hoot!

Any way, we thought it might be a good way to start the week with some good news. Trish Noel is doing well and on the road to what we hope will be a full recovery.


Interested Party said...

Thanks for the update on Trish and best wishes on her recovery- she has done a great job w/ the Highway Department and she would be a welcome change in either the Clerk's or Supervisor's seat.

Regarding another matter- saw Desso's article in the Advertiser- too bad he has no credibility left with anyone- maybe has given up the drugs and booze (maybe) but still a lying, cheating rat- I guess some things never change.

Anonymous said...

couldn't have picked a better person to honor than TRISH. she did look great. would be great to have TRISH as supervisor and she would be great at it as she is with everything but.....we the people owe TRISH a well deserved rest for a while.......so let's not push her into anything just yet.