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Monday, June 15, 2009

Financial Crisis Explored by Record

The Troy Record has begun to ask questions about the town's financial crisis as first reported in the Pipeline. Their story can be read here.

In sum and substance, the Comptroller has reaffirmed the numbers first disclosed at the town meeting last Thursday. The town faces a likely quarter million dollar deficit which can only be addressed by layoffs of personnel.Cutting overtime alone is a mere drop in the bucket and will not come close to achieving the savings needed to realize $250,000 in savings needed to erase this projected deficit. Likely jobs on the chopping block include one Fire Marshall position, the Utilities Inspector since it was to be a temporary position to be ended upon completion of Water 14, a clerical position which was unnecessary to begin with, at least one secretary and a controversial position now in the Comptroller's office which exists because the town supervisor illegally created the position without a consenting vote of the town board.

Like it or not, town hall has to be restructured to reflect the realities of the recession and inability of taxpayers to shoulder more taxes to fund the political money machine in town hall. No Mr. Supervisor, you will not be getting that $42,000 raise you asked for last year and the union will have a tough time selling more of those insurance buyouts, especially to people who were never in the insurance to begin with, ie one Fire Marshall and the Assessor, who as a manager should not even be in that union.

Mark Evers is opposed to any job cuts and would rather deny the crisis and raise taxes after the election, assuming he is re-elected. He faces a determined Democratic challenge to end his reign of incompetence. Stay tuned as the nominees unfold in the coming months.

The Haunt Suffers Fire

The favorite haunt of town officials seeking controlled beverages, Valente's Pub on Pawling Avenue, suffered a serious fire last evening. Fortunately no one was injured in what was described as a packed house. It was not immediately known whether the Supervisor's Stool was saved in the fire. You can read and see more here.


Interested Party said...

Just read the Record article and the quotes by Moe, Larry and Curly (Evers, Desso and Spain) - all 3 have not a clue on what to do with the budget crisis- should be an interesting next few months. Also saw Leon's announcement that he's running- another stellar Republican candidate with a checkered past- why not bring back Sweeney as well????? Oh boy.

Anonymous said...

evers a big raise....more free health insurance.....a few more no need for jobs......why not just kick evers ass out of town !!!!!!!