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Monday, June 8, 2009

Let the Games Begin!

Politics in Rensselaer County which includes our humble community of North Greenbush, is nothing short of a day at the Coliseum, absent the swords and lions. This week's Troy Record political column tries to map the faces and parties of today with those of yesterday and it's a map without logical direction.

Parties no longer comand much loyalty to those playing the game. It's about survival and getting your way and many players don't care whose party it is if they can wheel and deal their name on the ballot. North Greenbush is no exception with two of our characters making the column and two others on the town board who qualified but didn't get mentioned.

So here it is for you to read just a day before designating petitions hit the streets. Let the games begin!


Anonymous said...

I hope all of the TRUE Republicans who have had their fill of Mr. Casey- send him a strong message and forget those signatures. North Greenbush can NO LONGER be bought.

Anonymous said...

to set the facts.....tom connolly was NEVER a protege of ED Mc DONOUGH. tom was one of ED'S flunkys,camp followers,suck up etc.......tommie was laughted at behind his back by the powerfull..

Anonymous said...

Indeed! Tommy was and IS still referred to as "BOY", and what does that tell you? By the way, will senator Hiram try to slash taxes the way he slashes throats(literally and figuratively)?
-Attripa Kellum