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Friday, June 5, 2009

The GOP Lifeline

As Republicans get ready to meet Saturday to endorse Democrat Katie Connolly, the Pipeline thought they might enjoy reading a letter we obtained from town Democrats pledging her loyalty and love of all things Democratic. Feel free to print it out and take it with you to the nomination speeches Saturday morning. Feel free to take a copy to Republican doors as you get signatures on petitions. And feel free to read it over and over and ask yourselves what in the world her brother Tom Connolly could be giving the GOP that is so valuable that you must sell your souls and any claim to standing for something as you endorse someone with her pedigree.

"It is with great pride that I seek this nomination" that's the Democratic nomination boys and girls. We wonder what word she uses as she describes her quest for the GOP nomination. Perhaps it goes like this: "It is with great desperation that I seek this nomination". "I have been involved with the North Greenbush Democratic Party for over 30 years and am grateful and proud for the last 18 years to represent the North Greenbush Democratic Party in every election for Town Clerk that I have run in." The GOP translation: "I need a job so bad I am willing to let you turkeys take me to the dance so I can get two more years and free health insurance for life at taxpayer expense". Incidentally, she told the Democrats she's "totally disabled" making them wonder how and why she is running for office again? And from the time she has taken off from work these last two years, you'd almost believe her.

Remember Republican Committee members, it's a breakfast meeting so you'll have to bring your own medicine before you take the plunge. The bar opens at noon.


Anonymous said...

OMFG! And they say politics make for strange bedfellows!?!? Let's just hope that they're practicing safe sex, eh? This hints of the same level of professionalism and decency as the Lee Harvey Oswald jail transfer-"Hey bosss, the guy who owns the local nudie bar is here with a handgun." "Oh, ok,let HIM in!" 86 KC NOW or just hand the town over to the greedheads and renme it "Dodge City part Deux"

Attripa Kellum said...

"Totally disabled?!!?!?!?" Yeah well, that's where our town is heading with all of this skullduggery. It makes Chicago gov't look positively squeaky clean. Blago for supervisor! Burris for council! Greed and corruption uber alles!!!!

Anonymous said...

DISABLED??? Maybe, DYSfunctional, DISillusioned, DISloyal, DIShonorable- BUT NEVER-DISABLED. I never saw such a mockery of justice. Let us hope- someone HONORABLE will run for Clerk. This is what happens when JACk"How Much Is Your Soul Worth" Casey come knocking.